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Pesticides are substances that are meant to control pests (including weeds).

Acid Dyestuff

Acid Dyes is a dye that is typically applied to a textile at low pH.

Vat Dyestuff

Vat dyes are a class of dyes that are classified as such because of the method by which they are applied.

Basic Dyestuff

Basic dyes in aqueous solution can be dissociated to generate cationic dyes, it is classified as cationic dyes.

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Established in 1992, Xuzhou Dayang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale dyestuff group integrating R&D and mainly engaged in producing high-grade vat dyes and organic pigments. Our company has two synthesis factories and one processing factory for commercializing dyes and one Import&Export company of xuzhou dayang trade co.,ltd. Our company has complete quality control and quality testing equipment. In accordance with "ETAD" standard,our products are mainly exported to the US, Europe.

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